Turbo Ventilator Fans:

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Turbo Ventilators are always spinning… always ventilating. Non-stop ventilation is possible due to the integrated bearing housing, which ensures ventilator rotation at even wind speeds of less than 1 KM per hour.


Extremely low starting speed ensures non-stop rotation and continuous ventilation

Strong construction. Higher vane thickness prevents shearing in high winds

Vertical installation using variable angle elbow

Bearing protected against dust, smoke, fumes

 The mechanics of air movement are very simple. The hot air inside the shed tends to rise up. When the ventilators rotate, they suck the warm air out through the vents, allowing a supply of fresh air at ambient temperature through the doors and windows.

Benefits of Turbo Ventilator

  • All Aluminium construction
  •  Bearings are aligned with each other due to integrated housing
  • Completely enclosed & dust-proof integrated bearing housing
  • High exhaust capacity
  • No exhaust problem due to air back draft
  • Optional UV stabilized powder coating for corrosive atmosphere
  • Rotation at nearly zero wind speeds due to aligned bearings
  • Special rubberized hardware – to prevent rain ingress
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Static balancing
  • Steel ball bearings
  • Suitable for dusty / smoky / sooty / oily / harsh conditions
  • Suitable for low roof heights
  • Variable Angle Elbow for Vertical Installation